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It is important to maintain the cosmetic and structural beauty of your property.

Honcho helps give your development that extra TLC needed to avoid wasteful replacements and repairs.
We have all the skills needed to ensure the exterior of your buildings and the surroundings shows the true beauty of their design.

Why use Honcho?

Donʼt overestimate your capabilities, protect yourself and the people around you. Honcho has the appropriate equipment to make sure the work is safe.

Avoid quick fixes

We at Honcho believe prevention is the key. We provide regular inspections and maintenance, where we attempt to repair rather than replace damaged parts of the original material of buildings so that as much as possible of the authentic structure is retained. If something is wrong we fix it promptly, as delaying repairs invariably makes
matters an expensive affair.

From simple touch up to a whole change of color or exterior Honcho does it all.

Some of the services we provide

– Exterior painting

– Scaffolding

– Demolition

– Landscaping and garden maintenance

– Repair and replace of windows/doors/roof

– Drains, guttering and exterior pipes

– Fencing

– Plastering and rendering

– Ground works

– Chimney (inspection and cleaning)

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